Biztrips Insight #1

Business trip activities and expenses is one of top ten largest controllable costs in growing organizations.

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Biztrips is an affordable cloud-based business trip approval and expense management technology that bring greater control, visibilities, and efficiencies.

Biztrips is simplifying, digitizing, and transform business trip planning-to-approval process and expense management information into useful insights.

Biztrips Insight #2

Trip planning to approval process is the very first key to manage business trip activities, procurement, and payment - before it all happen.




Digitized Simple-to-Complex Trip Plan, Budget Distribution with Multiple Scenarios, and Approval Workflow with Travel Policy Compliance Notes.


Digitized Records on Cash Advance, Supplier Invoices, and Expense Claim for On-Trip Expenses.


Real-Time Activities, Spending, and Behavior Reports at Company and Employee Level.

Biztrips Insight #3

87% organizations remain using paper with wet signatures plus copies of email, chat apps, and spreadsheet files for attachment as a solution - because of fear to change, and don't know (or care) how to manage it better.


We understand how difficult and complex it can be to manage a balance between dynamic nature of your company needs, budget, and policies, with employee and business traveler expectations - while travel is one of the oldest and most dynamic industry that involves various stakeholders with different interests, policies, and characteristics, which can be easily influenced by seasonality, market trends, social, economic, and political conditions.

That's why managing business trips is one of the most (unseen) complex operations and cost to manage in growing companies from various industry backgrounds. 

Therefor we believe that companies and their travel related managers deserve an affordable, relevant, and reliable solution that bring greater visibilities and better control to drive cost efficiencies effectively.


Today's rapid changes has created more pressures to small to large, local to multinational companies, from all industry backgrounds. Companies and their employees are expected to be more creative, effective, and efficient. That's why digital transformation is a must, including in managing business trips activities and expenses. 

Online booking tools available today are designed to reduce dependency on travel consultants and to answer enquiries about schedule, availability, and pricing, or to accommodate urgent but simple booking needs - not to manage client's business trip activities and spending, nor to answer long outstanding challenges on managing corporate clients.

Travel Management Companies (TMCs) or travel agencies, and travel consultants - deserve an affordable, easy to use, and scalable solution that can answer client's needs and expectations, as well as to stay relevant in today's competition.

"The most relevant corporate travel management solution shall be able to process, record, to analyze complex and dynamic pre-to-post activities, expenses, and behaviors - that also cover various purposes, mode and type of transportation, accommodation, and or services from different providers through online and offline channels."